Crowning Glory...a psycho thriller...some sounds will haunt you forever!

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May 16, 2016 was a historic day for INVESTORS and ENTREPRENEURS! Thanks to Obama!
Now, EVERYONE have the right to invest! The TITLE III of the JOBS ACT which is like Kickstarter with EQUITY…kicks in!
We need $1.5 million to produce “Mohawk Salon…a psycho thriller”. Some sounds will haunt you forever!  (New title: Crowning Glory…a psycho thriller).

"Rebirth of Crowning Glory"
If you see “Mohawk Salon…a psycho thriller” – “Rebirth of Crowning Glory” will leave you gasping! An intense thriller! Filming in Santa Fe, New Mexico 2016 - Sequel: “Rebirth of Crowing Glory” $3.5M DRAMA-SUSPENSE-THRILLER We've contacted Lupita Nyong'o to take one of the leading roles.


"Mohawk Salon...a psycho thriller"
It's up to Chicago detective Sam Mitchell to solve the ongoing serial murders of dozens of Afro-American hairdressers, whose scalped remains are being hung like trophies to their salon mirrors. As a rookie in the late 1970s, Sam covered a grisly crime scene in Harlem, where a Native American woman was murdered and scalped, her baby missing. That case was never solved. Is the troubled Black cop up to the task of restoring order to the city?

With 3000 persons invest $500 each that’s 3000 persons get a share of the profits from the box-office receipts after expenses plus you get your investment returned! Funds will go into an Escrow account at Chase Bank. So there's no middleman like “Crowdfunding Platforms”.  With this production which will be filmed in NYC 2017 we anticipate it will bring in $30-$50MM. That’s 3000 persons get invited to the red carpet premiere. That’s 3000 persons get a chance to“meet and greet” the cast and crew. That’s 3000 persons get first investment participation in the sequel…”Rebirth of Crowning Glory”. That’s 3000 persons could possibly be EXTRAS!

If you are an Investor or Financier who would like to become Producer of this project, please send an email to and you will receive the Estimated Film Project Revenue power-point presentation along with 14 page detail budget and our worldwide distribution contract with Green Apple Entertainment.

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We would like to start production in May 2017. Make sure your $500 investment is available August 1st ! The *Escrow account is opened at Chase Bank, you may make deposits. Please send an email once your funds are deposited.

You can view the project at:

and the sequel:

 Ms. Veronica Page
 CEO/Executive Producer
 Raggedy Ends Productions, LLC
 P.O. Box 13791
 Los Angeles, CA. 90013


“Mohawk Salon Film Escrow Account for Production”
Chase Bank
855 S. Hill Street
Los Angeles, CA  90014
*For Domestic transfers: (Bank Transfers/Checks/MO/Cash Deposits)
ABA Routing # 021-000-021
Acct. #: 3561159038
For International transfers: Chase Swift Code:
CHASUS33 or CHASUS33XXX (XXX) bank identifier code

REP is the development and filming of all Veronica Page’s literary copyrighted works from TV scripts, Screenplays and Novels. REP is an independent filmmaker and handles all the elements of hand-picking actors, crew, producer, director and casting director to bring literary works to pre-post production. Marketing is also launched during these phases by REP through the release of trailers, posters, music and social media. Current projects are; "Mohawk Salon", "Rebirth of Crowning Glory", "Hood Food", "Crossing Over ISO Love", "The Revenge of the Defective Pearl".

Send an email directly to:

"HOOD FOOD"  (Coming of Age)
This is about a 13 year old morbidly obese black boy named DeShawn Richardson living in a Brooklyn neighborhood where there are only fast-food joints to nourish his body. He is told by the school doctor Ms. Ng he may lose his foot...then his life. DeShawn is mortified as he relay this news to his 15 year old overweight sister DeNina and her girlfriend Keisha. The three set out on a journey to help save DeShawn. "Can politics, drama and crime stop the three from saving their neighborhood and finally their friend?"

"A pearl is a beautiful thing that is produced by an injured life.
It is the tear from the injury of the oyster. The treasure of our being in this world is also produced by an injured life. If we had
not been wounded, if we had not been injured, then we will not produce the pearl"

Stephan Hoeller

"crossing over ISO love"
Meet Catherine, Victoria, Freda, Karen and Joan – American Black Women of the 1980’s – born in the 1950’s decided to soar on a new horizon leaving their country, family and friends behind. Come journey with these five American Black women living aboard as they cope with culture, love, family, and politics and most of all just being American. Only one return! Looking for investor and showrunner (this would be a tv series after production).
Will be a TV drama series...Compete with "Scandal", "How to Get Away with Murder"! Who should play these "Five American Black Women"? Kristinia DeBarge, Porscha Coleman, Amira Rose Lumbly, Niko Posey and...Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele.

EUROPE-TROT! Experience the lives of these five American Black Women in the 1980's as they travel and live aboard to find the true "love of their life". Debate and understand them as they defend the Red, White and Blue or grasping acceptance in the European culture of domestication, the language barrier, the tyrannize nannies, the sexy mistresses and love triangles as they try to have it all! Coping with culture, love, family, politics and being American.